Skin tags are harmless small skin growths of varying sizes which hang off the skin and usually occur on the neck, armpits and skin folds causing skin irritation. Anyone can develop skin tags at any stage in their life, but skin tags tend to occur more commonly in the elderly, people with diabetes, and pregnant women.
Warts are very common viral infection of the skin, causing thickened skin growths which can occur at any part of the body, most commonly on the soles of the feet followed by the hands.

How are Skin Tags and Warts commonly treated?

Several methods are commonly used-


This treatment uses liquid nitrogen which is sprayed and applied directly on the skin tags or warts to destroy the lesions. For viral warts, repeated treatment every 1-2 weekly is usually necessary until complete clearance of the warts.


This is the use of high-frequency, alternating electric current to pass through the skin delivered through a small probe which accurately destroys the wart and skin tags. The procedure is generally well tolerated, and performed with local anesthesia.

CO2 laser ablation

Lasers can also be used to accurately target the warts and destroy the skin growths directly.
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