Other complex medical dermatology
There is a wide range and many other more uncommon skin conditions or rashes which our dermatologist has experience in diagnosing and treating.
  • Immunobullous skin disorders- such as bullous pemphigoid, and various types of pemphigus, whereby spontaneous blisters and skin break down due to autoimmune antibodies targeting the skin barrier. Skin biopsies and blood test can be arranged to confirm the diagnosis. There are various immunosuppressant medications which can be used for treatment.
  • Inflammatory skin conditions such as various types of lichen planus affecting the skin, nails and hair.
  • Skin lupus and other autoimmune connective tissue disorders may present with a wide range of different rashes and skin lesions.
  • Skin vasculitis (or blood vessel inflammation) can be due to many causes, which our dermatologist can help to evaluate and perform the necessary tests and biopsies.
  • Skin adverse drug reaction and more unusual skin rashes and eruption from drug allergies, especially the use of many newer medication and chemotherapy drugs.
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It is advisable to undergo a formal consultation to help establish a relationship between the doctor and yourself, accurately determine your concerns/problems, and get the appropriate treatments for them.
It is also imperative to note that the contents of the website with respect to treatments, results and pricing can vary from individual to individual, and can only be accurately determined by the doctor upon diagnosis.
Do note that all medical treatments will only be administered upon proper consultation, with the requirement that patients be above 21 years of age to provide legal consent.

Medical Dermatology

Meet your Dermatologist

Dr Tay Liang Kiat

Dr Tay Liang Kiat is a fully accredited Dermatologist who specialises in skin cancers, Mohs micrographic surgery, dermatologic and nail surgery, aesthetic dermatology and laser procedures. With more than 20 years of clinical experience, he also manages other aspects of general ambulatory and inpatient dermatology, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, urticaria, hair loss, children skin issues and other complex medical dermatology. In addition, he has expertise in the use of the latest immunotherapy (biologics) treatment for severe eczema, psoriasis and urticaria.