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Seborrheic Keratoses (Age Spots) and Sun Damage

Seborrheic keratoses or age spots are very common harmless skin growths which progressively appear during adulthood. These skin growths are usually raised, brown or black and can be mistaken as skin cancer.
They tend to grow on the face, scalp, torso and even sensitive areas near the eyes or genitalia, and may cause skin irritation or significant cosmetic concerns.

How can Seborrheic Keratoses be removed?

Cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen freezing may be used for thinner age spots.
Electrosurgery or laser ablation is a better option. After the skin is numbed with local anesthesia cream or injection, these ages spots can be removed by simple electrocautery.
Even removal of multiple lesions is generally well tolerated, with some scabbing for 1-2 weeks and with good wound care, the wounds usually heal well with very minimal or no scarring. Some may experience post-treatment pigmentation which usually improves and clear with time.
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